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Background on Robert 

Robert Marshall Media is a space where your voice will be heard. We welcome anyone to voice their opinions and stories with us. I take pride in making sure the content I produce is relevant and makes you want more.
My brother, Charles was the first person to put the bug in me at a young age about what I may want to do with my life. Journalism became a passion of mine when I joined my junior college newspaper. While I was there, I gained a background in various sports, producing articles to baseball, soccer, basketball, softball, tennis to water polo, swim and dive, track and field and golf.
This past year I have written features on the homelessness crisis in the Sacramento, Calif., region. In addition, there is a feature on how COVID-19 was affecting businesses back in the heart of the pandemic in 2020 and 2021. I created a PSA video to bring awareness of the issues striking the LGTBQ+ youth, where 42% of youth thought about suicide. Specifically, almost 50% of trans and non-binary youth also thought about suicide. This issue has increased during COVID-19 as psychologist offices have closed.
Also, I have produced features and profiles on athletes and coaches on their journeys while at the junior college and highlighting them as they move on to their next chapters. Opinion pieces and personal stories is also content I created as well. I was the sports editor for two years, where I gained knowledge in designing pages with InDesign. Also, copyediting and leadership roles were also skills I learned.
I live in Sacramento, Calif., where I am currently studying my master’s in public relations. If I am not busy producing content, you can find me at the gym, with friends, reading a book on self-care, and learning about issues within my community.
I am Robert Marshall Media and I am devoted to creating a diverse culture within the community, where I thrive to create unbiased and professional content for your knowledge.


I am Robert Marshall, originally from American Canyon, California, a small town in Northern California. I live in Sacramento, Calif., and have been here for three years. I moved from Rohnert Park, Calif., a city in Sonoma County in the heart of wine country. I went to Santa Rosa Junior College in Santa Rosa, Calif., for seven years, majoring in journalism. I was in the junior college newspaper, the Oak Leaf as a sportswriter and editor from 2013-2016. I have dabbled in news, features, profiles, opinions, and photography. InDesign was the primary platform we used to create pages for the printout of the paper. After moving to Sacramento in 2019, I had the idea of taking online classes, so I pursued my bachelor’s from the University of Arizona Global Campus in journalism and mass communications. I completed my bachelor’s in August 2021 with a 3.79 GPA. I am excited and happy to be on this journey for my master's program at Full Sail University. I have learned much about the digital world and how it coincides with public relations. This degree will open doors for me and my future, as public relations is a growing field with potential in many areas. I want to partake in the sports PR world as an agent for a PR firm or work with athletes and professional teams. I am open to any PR area to help build my brand and gain experience. The thought of working in PR and the different tasks involved makes me excited to complete this degree and expose my talents to the world.

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